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What sets us apart

Our platform will optimize the way you source and recruit employees. Vibejobs provides recruitment automation for job posting and broadcasting to a target audience. It enables you to communicate with candidates in real-time and manage the entire recruitment process.

User base - Reach a large audience

Rakuten Viber has a 94% smartphone penetration rate in Bulgaria. Thanks to our partnership with Viber, employer companies can benefit from the opportunity to tap into this vast audience

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Efficiency - Save time & rescources

Job matching candidate expectations and skills to the requirement of your job offer guarantees higher efficiency. Our AI recruitment assistant is there 24/7 to answer candidate questions and fill in the gaps in their profiles.

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Communication at scale

Instant contact with the candidates vie push notifications on their mobile.
Use filtering options to create target audience and initiate broadcasting at scale.

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Intuitive interface & brand exposure

Completely visual and intuitive candidate management system to facilitate the selection process. Candidates see your corporate branding in the job offers and chat communication.

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Efficient registration and search process:

Step 1: Job Posting

We will assist you in publishing your job ads and crafting your employer profile, allowing you to showcase your company in the best possible manner.

Step 2: Candidate Matching

Your ad will automatically reach individuals actively seeking employment based on their specified criteria. Furthermore, we will enhance the promotion of your listing, ensuring it is presented to a targeted audience that matches your requirements.

Step 3: Candidate Communication

You can directly connect and communicate with your approved candidates through the platform. Stay accessible to candidates at all times with our AI assistant, which can address queries and offer additional information about both your company and the specific job listing.

Efficient registration and search process:

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