Welcome to the first Viber Job Board
in Bulgaria!

Only a few messages away from your new job or new employees!

Why VibeJobs?

Our main vision and motivation is to provide equal access to new technologies to all job seekers.
We believe that this will significantly improve communication and shorten the distance between candidates and employers.

Our platform provides a comprehensive job search tool for all candidates with a Viber profile and a convenient web-based system for posting job ads, communication and applicant management for companies.


Looking for new employees?

Request registration and we will contact you to provide complete information and prepare your company profile on VibeJobs. Moreover, we will help with the posting of job ads and assist in the selection of options so that you reach the maximum number of suitable candidates.


Looking for a new job?

If you have Viber, just press the button below or scan the QR code, create your profile in seconds and start receiving job offers tailored to your preferences.

Some of the advantages of VibeJobs


Find a new job WITHOUT a CV, email or computer. Connect instantly through your phone via an easy-to-use Viber Chatbot. Employers can present their vacancies to a large audience of hard-to-reach and highly sought-after profiles.


Create a profile and choose your preferences in no time. Proceeed to apply with just a click of a button. Companies optimize the selection process by quickly identifying relevant candidates and significantly reducing time to hire.


We use advanced technologies so that you only see and receive ads that match your preferences. Employers have at their disposal an AI assistant that greatly improves communication and saves them a valuable time and resources.

Some of the advantages of VibeJobs

Some of our partners

Start a chat with candidates on our platform, and they receive notifications and respond directly in Viber!